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  • Marwaan Isam

    A wise and capable man, Marwaan Isam inherited the throne at the age of 28. His first wife died with the child during the birthing. After five years he finally remarried. His second wife gave birth to his first son, Kalish Isam, but was weakened by it. …

  • Aazad Isam

    Nineteen years old, Aazad Isam is quite and introspective. He is very intelligent and shows an amazing aptitude for law, civics, and philosophy.

  • Amira Isam

    Fourth child and second daughter to Caliph Marwaan Isam. Amira is 15 years old and will be married on the day of her 16th birthday. Excitement grows with only three more months to go until the big day. The entire palace is a bustle of activity. h1. …

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